The Cider Archives (Sold Out batches)


Late Season Select, 2016 Harvest

The most fragrant, flavourful apples of the season ripen latest. This blend highlights different late season crab apple varieties, heirloom russet varieties and wild seedling apples harvested from around Pender Island, fermented wild.  


Old GRowth Dry, 2016 Harvest

A blend of over a dozen heirloom apples varieties harvested from century old orchards on Pender Island, fermented wild and aged for six months before release. Bone dry with earthy, mineral notes and medium acidity.


Baldwin + Pippin, 2016 Harvest

Merging the Baldwin apple’s well-rounded character with the earthy aromatics of Ribston Pippin, this batch highlights two heirloom varieties that have been staples in cider making history. These apples were picked and shaken from trees nearing 100 years old, growing on Pender Island. A lightly carbonated, dry cider with moderate acidity and honeyed notes.


THe Odd pear, 2016 Harvest

A naturally residually sweet blend of heirloom pears pressed with apples for added acidity. Clean, floral and semi-dry.


Perry Pyraster, 2016 Harvest

Our most complex and funky small batch, this is a blend of tiny, incredibly tannic wild seedling pears foraged from old, thirty-foot-tall trees around Pender Island. Pressed through straw on a traditional wooden basket press. Rich and tannic with a French-style farmhouse funk, this perry only gets better with age.


rosé, 2016 Harvest

Crimson-fleshed dessert apples with names like “Pink Princess” and “Bill’s Red Flesh” from Burnfoot Farm on Mayne Island give this cider it’s deep rosy hue, pleasant acidity and notes of strawberries and soil. An incredibly limited batch of only 20 litres.


Old orchard Trinity, 2016 Harvest

A blend of quince, pear and apple all harvested from the century old trees of Old Orchard Farm on Pender Island. The exotic perfume of the quince is complimented by the natural sweetness of the pears, rounded out by low-acid heirloom apples. Pressed through straw on a traditional wooden basket press and fermented wild.


Moonlighting, 2016 Harvest

A cryo-extraction ice cider for which heirloom apples such as Grimes Golden were frozen and then pressed whole when partially thawed. Concentrated sugars and acidity make this a rich dessert cider with beautiful mouthfeel.


Forage Fine Perry 2017 Harvest

For this batch we boated to obscure islands, scaled fifty foot wild pear trees, and snatched golden, tannic fruit from under the noses of island sheep and horses alike. Pressed from astringent wild seedling pears, perry pears from Samuel Island and Louise Bonne de Jerseys from Old Orchard Farm on Pender Island, this is a proudly traditional perry.

The pears were milled, macerated for six hours to soften the tannins, and fermented using both wild and white wine yeasts.


Baldwin + Russet, 2017 Harvest

A feature of two heirloom American apple varieties, this batch pairs the Baldwin’s fruit-forward fragrance and soft tannins with the coveted acidity of Golden Russets. The apples were shaken from trees nearing one hundred years old on Pender Island. A lightly sparkling, dry cider.

Varieties: Baldwin and Golden Russet apples from Avondale Farm, the Schoolhouse Orchard and Old Orchard Farm.


Cold Moon Pet Nat, 2017 Harvest 

Made in the méthode ancestral tradition, this small batch was macerated for twelve hours before pressing, keeved to help clarify the juice, and fermented slowly in the ambient winter temperatures. The cider was bottled on the December full moon and left to finish primary fermentation in-bottle, resulting in a naturally sparkling, cloudy cider full of vigour and tropical notes.

Single varietal King of Tompkins County from Pender Island.


POrt Wash Pyder, 2017 Harvest 

Our take on a farmhouse style pear and apple blend we first came across in Herefordshire, England. Featuring the unique pears of Port Washington’s Old Orchard Farm on Pender Island, this off-dry “pyder” has a wild and brett-y character. It was pressed from over six different heirloom culinary and winter pear varieties and blended with apples for added acidity.

Pear varieties: Louise Bonne de Jersey, Clapp’s Favourite, Red Bartlett, Bartlett, Bosc, and other unknown heirloom pears.


Old Orchard Trinity, 2017 Harvest 

A blend of quince, pear and apple all harvested from the century old trees of Old Orchard Farm on Pender Island. This year the old quince trees yielded less but the pear trees were abundant—resulting in a less acidic, slightly sweeter profile than the previous year. Decadent and smooth. Pressed through straw on a traditional wooden basket press and fermented wild.


Hedgerow, 2017 Harvest 

A small batch of cider matured on damson plums and blackberries that were plucked from farm fields around Pender Island. This is an off-dry, sparkling cider with a beautiful ruby hue and a pleasantly tart finish. The cider was racked multiple times during fermentation to retain a slight natural, residual sweetness.