Using apples from old, low nitrogen, full-standard fruit trees and fermenting in the ambient temperatures of winter allows us to do natural fermentation, rather than eliminating the wild yeasts with sulfites and pitching commercial ale or wine yeasts in their place (as is the industry standard in North America). When done cleanly and at cool, stable temperatures, fermenting with the natural yeasts found in and on the apples’ skins and around the cider mill results in ciders with a wider range of flavours and aromas, as it allows the delicate apiculate yeasts to do their work, giving added complexity to the cider’s flavour profile. While it tends to be a riskier method of fermentation, in our opinion it is the best way to preserve and convey the apples’ terroir.

We make cider with the seasons: picking, sweating and pressing apples through the fall and fermenting, blending and maturing the cider through the winter. All of our batches are aged for at least six months.

Learn more about Pender Island heirlooms apples here.

Harvest 2017 Batches (Released in 2018):

Old Growth Dry

Crafted entirely from Gulf Islands apples, this batch brings together over a dozen heirloom varieties found on Pender, Saturna  & Mayne Islands, celebrating the depth of flavour pulled up out of the soil by the old apple trees we harvest. A dry, aromatic cider that blends the delicate fragrance of early season apples with the sharp acidity of the late.


A wild-fermented, off-dry blend of Gulf Islands apple varieties both heirloom and modern, and bittersweet varieties from Keremeos, BC. Available in both bottle and draught format.

Cold Moon Pet Nat (Sold Out)

Baldwin & Russet (Sold Out)

Port Wash Pyder (Sold Out)

Hedgerow (Sold Out)

Forage Fine Perry (Sold Out)


Harvest 2016 Batches (Released in 2017):

Old Growth Dry (Sold Out)

Old Growth Off-Dry (Sold out)

Baldwin + Pippin (Sold out)

Merging the Baldwin apple’s well-rounded character with the earthy aromatics of Ribston Pippin, this batch highlights two heirloom varieties that have been staples in cider making history. These apples were picked and shaken from trees nearing 100 years old, growing on Pender Island. A lightly carbonated, dry cider with moderate acidity and honeyed notes.

Late Season Select (released July 1, 2017(Sold Out)

The most fragrant, flavourful apples of the season ripen latest. This blend highlights different late season crab apple varieties, heirloom russet varieties and wild seedling apples harvested from around our island.  

Cellar Series:

The Odd Pear (Sold out)

The Odd Pear is a small batch, wild fermented blend of Louis Bon de Jersey pears from Old Orchard Farm on Pender and apples from Burnfoot - The Grove on Mayne Island. The pomace was macerated, layered in straw, pressed in a wooden basket press and aged in the cidery cellar for seven months.

Old Orchard Trinity (Sold out)

A very small batch of quince, pears and apples harvested from Old Orchard Farm. Picked, pressed and fermented together, and aged for eight months. The perfume of the quince gives this cider its beautiful aromas, and the pears' residual sweetness balances its zesty, orange-peel bitterness. Apples thrown in for good measure.

Perry Pyraster (Sold out)

Tannic wild seedling pears blended with Louis Bon de Jersey pears, pressed through straw and allowed to go through malolactic fermentation to create an amazingly complex, European-style perry. Garden rose aromas layered with barnyard funk, with a pleasant sweetness to balance the astringent finish. Bottle conditioned.

Moonlighting Ice Cider (Sold out)

A very small batch of cryoextraction method ice cider, pressed from crab apples and Grimes Golden apples. Residually sweet and deliciously juicy at 8% ABV.