Taking root

This post arrives a bit late because, finally, we've been out in the field again. With all 1200 grafts complete, the baby trees have been resting--the graft unions callousing--while we've been putting a 7'3" deer fence up around the nursery.

Let's just say, fencing creates a lot of "tension" (a fence pun!); but with that behind us we've been able to start planting our newly grafted trees and are happy to see that many of them did "take," and will now grow rapidly over the summer season.

Planting is one of those things that takes you into a lovely, meditative place, even when it's 25 degrees out. It's incredibly satisfying to see new life taking root and to know you played a part in coaxing it along. In the end, as a new friend reminded us, "the plants are on our side"--from here they'll take over while we just step back, water, weed and watch them grow.

And speaking of watching apple trees grow, the orchard blossoms have fallen and now tiny apples are all over the trees in clusters. The one pictured below is a crab apple, one of the first trees to bloom but near-last to harvest.