Port Browning apples

Although the main varieties in our expanded orchard will be cider-specific, we've decided to propagate some of the old and interesting mystery apples encountered around Pender. This week we took a trip down to Port Browning pub to talk apples with the folks there and collect some clippings of grafting material from their heritage trees.

You can see the trees--about a dozen growing near the shore--from the pub windows. Last October, when the trees were fruiting, we wandered through and sampled a few to assess their cidermaking potential. At the time we had a bit of trouble deciding on a way to mark which trees we liked, but we ended up making and photographing a visual map on our kitchen table of which apples were growing where in the orchard (above right) . . . needless to say, three months later our "map" made pretty much no sense. So a few of our clippings may grow out to be both a mystery and a surprise.